This website was designed by Enabla Solutions to address the acute shortage of quality education against the huge demand in Kenya and Africa in general. Through this website, it is now possible for anyone to access top quality education materials regardress of his/her socialeconomic status.

This website addresses the numerous and detrimental shortcomings witnessesed in almost all other African education content websites, as elaborated below:

This Website Adequatley Solves The Following Shortcomings Common to Almost All African Education Content Providers:

  1. In all the rest websites, the process of purchasing the materials is manual, rather expensive and time consuming. Whenever you purchase the materials in almost all other websites, you have to call and wait for someone to send them to you. That person might be too busy at the moment. Besides, you use airtime to contact them and they too use their airtimes in the subsequent correspondences.
    In, the process has been automated. All you need to do is pay an amount at least equal to the cost of any file you wish to have (through Mpesa Buy Goods & Services till number 916314), and then use your phone number and the last 4 digits of the 10 digit mpesa transaction code to automatically download the file in real time. Thus, you do not need to wait for anyone to send you the materials, you will always get any material(s) any time, any day.

  2. Owing to the high costs involved in the calls and sending of materials in almost all other websites, it is virtually impossible for you to get individual items like exam past papers at the small fee they ought to cost.
    In, you can download an individual file at very low cost - some to the tune of Ksh.10 and Ksh.20 - thanks to our high autmation technology.

  3. In these other websites, you do not have the chance to join as a member and upload your materials there. This is a very big setback especially bearing in mind that the materails required are usually quite huge, varied and of high quality. It is therefore very difficult for any single person or group of some few individuals to come up with all the education materials, with all the requirements in terms of varieties and expanse of coverage without sacrificing quality.
    At, we give you a chance to register and upload your materials for sale, albeit after thorough and stringent validation processes to safeguard on quality. We believe that quite a number of individuals out there are capable of coming up with very high quality materials - we clearly understand the power of synergy.

  4. It is very difficult for you to be sure that whatever you are purchasing in many other website is indeed exactly what you are looking for or of the right quality. You get to know what you have purchased only after paying for it.
    In, we have provided more than enough informaton about the files so that whenever you make your selection, you are sure of what you are purchasing. We also provide you with comments about the file from other customers who have bought it in the past.

  5. Offering some suggestions, feedback or requests for improvements is usually a nightmare in almost all the websites. Also, whatever concerns you have is somehow almost a secret between you and the contact person of that website.
    We have provinded a very transparent mode of giving your feedback, suggestions or requests for improvement on anything through the customers suggestions. These suggestions are openly listed alongside the file for public scrutiny. This is a very effective measure of checks and balances. We strive to get good comments from you by surpassing your expectations on quality.

  6. After you purchase a file, it is usually almost impossible to get its updated or improved version later without having to pay again in almost all websites.
    At, once you pay for a file, the system keeps record of your payment details such that you can come back later, key in the phone number and the last 4 digits code of your 10 digit mpesa message code to get the new version of the file without having to pay again.

  7. Unlike all other websites, we have provinded you with a way to request for any item you may be in need of that we may not yet be in possession of. Once you fill the form at the bottom of each contents page in our site, all members relevant to whatever you are looking for are notified. Thereafter, you are also informed immediately it is uploaded.


How to Enroll and Be Eligible To List Your Content.

You simply register to become a member. Then you login by filling in your username and password in a small form at the top-right part of every page of this website.

Once logged in, you will access your Members Page with a list of some links at the top right corner of your page. To access the upload section, just click the 'Upload Your Materials Here' link (the third in the list) at the top right corner, or the 'Upload your content to begin earning' at the top top of the page.

Once any of your items is purchased, the name of the document, that of the customer who bought it, how much the file was purchased and your latest total earnings automatically update on your 'View Your Sales Account' section.

Every Friday, between midday and 3.00 p.m., we disburse all the member's dues whose total net earnings is at least Ksh.100.